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Are you still open?


I hope this email finds you well.

I recently came across your website and noticed a few issues like broken links, errors, and some design elements that could be improved. Given the positive reviews your business has received, I took the initiative to design a new version of your website.

I’d love to show you the first draft, which is ready for your review. I believe it will enhance your online presence and address the current issues.

In terms of pricing, I want to be upfront. The cost for a business website is $800 for 5 pages. If you need e-commerce functionality, the price is $1200. These are reduced rates from my usual minimum of $3000, offering you substantial savings. You only need to pay once the website is complete and you are fully satisfied.

Are you interested in seeing the new design? If not, no worries – just let me know and I can discard it.

Best regards,
Peter A.