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We offer the most complete industrial solutions, in the country for the research and design and development of material Our Solution
Delivering engineered
steel solutions
We offer the most complete industrial solutions, in the country for the research and design and development of material Our Solution

KARISMA fabricates Electrode Forged Weld steel grating products that offers industry-led solutions for various applications worldwide

To further develop our strengths we have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that reflect our philosophy.

Karisma Grating Sdn. Bhd. (KGSB) was incorporated in the year 2012, with the focus on manufacturing, supplying and distribution of grating products and solutions to various industries in the South East Asia region.

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Technical Specification

Our steel grating display elegance and grace. We hope our vision and products inspire you all. Our technical specification details a comprehensive document to describe all technical procedures related to our solutions.

Material Options

Handrail height requirements are designed to create a safe and pratical arrier to be used by everyone. Handrails shall be at a consistent height above walking surfaces.

Karisma envisage to be a world class manufacturer of industry standard grating to offers industry led solutions to our diverse customers world wide.

Our Business Lifecycle is all about abiding to Industry Regulations from buying mill certified raw materials to forging them into the highest quality of industry standard grating panels, to con figuration of best practices in design and fabrications methods and assuring the finish goods are
functioning to the desired standards and sustainability

  • Quality Control System
  • Personalized Solution
  • Highly Professional Staff
  • Accurate Testing Processes
  • Unrivalled workmanship
  • Professional and Qualified
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Working Platform, Walkway & Decking

Being most ideal weight-strength ratio material, it is the most preferred grating-derived applications in diverse industry sectors and developments.

Stair Tread & Integrated Handrail System

Grating Tread is the industry-preferred solution that complies to OSHA guideline to mitigate risk of accident at staircase area.

Safety Drainage & Utility Trench Barrier

Grating unique cross-bar feature enhance the load bearing capacity as mush as adequate ventilation and best safety option.

Functional Fence & Decorative Screen

Alternative to conventional anti-climbing fence system, grating fence system offers improved security & aesthetics features.

Decorative Ceiling & Multi-purpose Sunshade

Lightweight, easy to handle and corrosive resistance makes Aluminum and FRP gratings as the contemporary choice by designers.

Light-duty Steel Structure

The flexible and systematic solution is fast, easy to install, cost effective, modularized & can be pre-fabricated off-site.

FRP Solutions

As FRP is a non-metal material and never corrodes, it is opted when projects are located in highly corrosive environment or public area is at risk from theft activity.

Sector Involved

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Petrochemical Refineries

Grating Architecture Façade

Palm Oil Refineries

Oil & Gas

Marine & Shipbuilding