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One Stop Solution

Our pool of expertise is made up of diverse group of experience professionals that each bringing unique talents and strength with the overall aim of turning our client’s ideas into reality.

Together, we are always focused on providing our knowledge and experiences where everyone is involved – clients, employees, suppliers, partners as well as our affiliates and associate subject matter experts.

Best Product Practice

By adopting best practice standards, our integrated solutions and services are holistically delivered to our client using our own developed methodology to ensure quality and performance are observed at every stages of work.


KARISMA GRATING SDN BHD is dedicated to protect and preserve the working environment in a responsible manner. We are very proud of how we work and our safety track record. The management is committed to continuous development and improvement of safety programs to protect our employees, vendors and clients.

When it comes to safety, our philosophy is that any successful project is directly attributed to exceptional performance and well-planned services. Our unmatched safety record is a result of avoiding less than desirable workmanship and error associated with rushing, stress and poor work conditions. The majority of incidences are attributed to human error, thus minimizing or eliminating such conditions results in fewer incidents.

It is our Corporate Occupational Health & Safety Policy to adhere to all occupational safety, health compliance associated with national safety standards and our internal propriety safety program. This compliance assures our company members and clients that all business practices are performed in a safe manner, matching our corporate values and practices

At KARISMATIK™ Group, we recognizes that health and safety is at the core of our responsibilities.